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Talent Show



April Rehearsals CONFIRMED!!!   

                                     *APRIL 15   CAFETERIA    9am to 12pm

                                     *APRIL 28   CAFETERIA    9am to 12pm

May 1st , 2018 

MANDATORY DRESS / TECH REHEARSAL  –  Tuesday at RUHS Auditorium. Kids will need to be there from 4 to 6 pm aprox.,  and technical runs can continue until 10 pm.  This will be held from *3pm to 10pm.  Performances will be in order of actual show. 

May 4th, 2018     Is Friday and IT’S SHOWTIME!!  @ RUHS Auditorium. should arrive at 3:45pm.  Show begins at 5pm sharp!   


1) Opening  and Closing Act – All participants on the stage!  Everybody sings, dances and participates!!!  Participants: check for links with music and lyrics in your parents inboxes in the next couple of days! 

2) National Anthem will be performed by those interested participants.  

3) Please have your kids practicing in their own times, learning their lyrics or routines and most of all having fun with it, that way big group rehearsal time won't feel as a point of pressure.  

4) *Each act will be no more than 1.45  to two minutes long. We are expecting to have a nice, active and fun run of a performance! 

5) All performances and costumes must be G-rated, family oriented but think super fun and creative entertainment!  



Your Talent Show Crew:

Meyra Cordova Chair, producer.  Joy Chabot Co-Chair, logistics. Nate Gibson Co-Chair, music department 

you can email us

Looking for lovely and energetic 2018 volunteers for the actual day of the event!

Have any questions or want to know more about JEFFERSON'S GOT TALENT 2018, click here!