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Talent Show



WELCOME. Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new Jefferson Talent Show Experience? Yay! Our first meeting went well, and I got some questions so I'm hoping this page will be helpful. Who am I and how I landed here? I'm an Entertainer, Event Coordinator and Fitness Lover who grew up in Theatre!!  When I saw this opportunity to help and volunteer to Chair the Talent Show in 2018, I took it as my mission! Entertainment is my passion. My goal? A Dynamic Show and an enriched Theatre experience for all the kiddos! Just because I really enjoy to inspire the kids to be creative an artistic. My mission in this few months to come is to become a group of actors, dancers, performers, dreamers to make JGT (Jefferson Got Talent) a play, not only just an 'event' but a great performance. So my question was... OK so now what?

FIRST OFF, THANK YOU To the previews Chairs because they created the flow for this amazing opportunity for the kids.  Paul Guerreiro and Shannon Bustos to name just a few and everyone involved. Big thanks once again to our previous PTA president Dean Bennet. This year the new PTA board is looking amazing with Laura Grabher,   Katie Christensen and Alyssa Chia for the website updates so everyone can be timely informed, Nate Gibson, Michelle Nyseth, Kiki Pearl just to name a few who will be the core of this year JGT show!

ALL THE INFO YOU NEED.  PTA website  and DDyK will have all you need to know and you can also email us to reach us with your questions. Links and printable forms are here. VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to register on line only, you'll have from Feb. 1st to Feb 20. Send your music cut up or edited DUE on Feb 26 also to  Print  and sign your Liability forms to be submitted on the First SHOWCASE (mandatory) Don't forget to check "important dates and info" REMEMBER!:  WEB ONLY registration/sign in


Let me just be really honest, we need lots of love and good energy to put on a great show. Commitment is the key. We all are busy I know, tons of activities...and that's why I broke the auditions in months. February: One maybe two showcases depending on the signed acts. March: Only one mandatory rehearsal (yay). April: 2 mandatory rehearsals and 3 optional one on one. Obviously we have to run the show on the week of and of course we need everyone at the Theater on May 10th. We might get lucky and get an extra day at the Auditorium TBD. To have a Grand Opening (everybody singing "We Are Jefferson") followed by the National Anthem (need to audition)  have a DJ once again (yay!) mixing and MCing... we'll also have a guest Artist and close the night with a big choreography finale, we need to work on the clock and we need you to be fully committed!  Do you like the ideas? Do you have ideas? Let's get to work, but first: I know I want to say is ok to not come to ALL rehearsals, I know I should be just super flexible and say is ok, but let me just tell you, this is not an easy task, I need your commitment! I'll be there through the entire time to work with our kids, with the only goal of making this JGT amazing!


February 1ST, 2019              Registration KICK OFF! 3 entire weeks to plan your act and register ON LINE ONLY!! Last day of registration Feb. 20th.  Forms will be filled out electronically. Links are going to be live for you to click on at the end of this page.  This website will be updated all the time from today all the way to the day of the event for further information or if you have any questions.  You can also email me, us @  We will work mainly Thursdays throughout the entire preparation process, maybe 1 or 2 Saturdays. 

                                 Music is  DUE Feb 26th!!! before the Audition/Showcase. The sooner the better!  This track needs to be sent out via email as an MP3 format, on the required time length. 2 min long for dancers and singers. This is any pre-recorded music that student’s performance will require for their act* 

                                     Dates forShowcase/Auditions are February 28th which is a Thursday from 4 to 7pm  and / or Saturday, March 2nd from 9am to 12 pm, depending on how many acts we have signed up. PARENTS! Don't forget so sign and bring your LIABILITY FORMS! due on the day of the audition, have to be one for each child participating, both parents.

March, 2019                         Only ONE rehearsal!  Thursday March 21st. 4 to 7pm (mandatory) at the cafeteria YOU'LL HAVE TIME THROUGH THIS ENTIRE MONTH  TO MASTER YOUR ACT! Please take note that everyone is welcome to participate but acts that are not polished and rehearsed will be taken out of the play.                            

April, 2019                        Getting ready!!! This month is super busy! We will focus on the opening and closing numbers with 2 big group rehearsals. We also have 3 Mondays which are optional but highly recommended for one on one act rehearsal where I'll be coaching you personally so you can give your absolute best! Very important: YOU HAVE TO KEEP PRACTICING YOUR ACT IN YOUR OWN TIME WITH YOUR TEAM.

                              Mandatory  Rehearsal dates  are  April 4th and April 25th, both Thursdays, 4 to 7pm at the cafeteria.

                                       Optional Rehearsal dates are April 1st, 15th and 29th are all Mondays  (recommended)  and you will need to signing up by sending an email.  THIS MONTH YOU NEED TO MASTER THE OPENING AND CLOSING ACTS, PLUS YOUR OWN ACT.

May , 2019                            Mandatory  DRESS / TECH REHEARSAL    Tuesday the 7th at RUHS Auditorium. This will be held  after school hours TBD. There is a chance we will have an extra day at the Theater, TBD to confirm. PARENTS:  Theater rehearsal will be for tech, choreography, and crew details and run down, patience is highly welcomed. Performance run through will be in order of actual show. There is absolutely not preference and promised spot in the actual show.

May 11th, 2019                Is Saturday and IT’S SHOWTIME!!  Students should arrive at 4pm.  Show begins at 5pm.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT SHOWCASES AND REHEARSALS.                                           

Well, is a rehearsal with tons of kids, parents, music, choreo, never ending energy so I'd say expect craziness and please be patient with JGT crew.

Showcase One, EVERYBODY. This is not an audition, everyone get to participate but we need to make sure if the act is tidy enough or needs a tweak.  We’ll ask about the National Anthem participation/audition.  We also ask the participants who wants to help MC the show (mini on spot audition) We need only 2 or 3,  outgoing kids that are not afraid of talking to big audience.

Showcase two.  EVERYBODY. Last chance for those who couldn’t make it, and we start reviewing the OPENING ACT with all interested participants. We’ll rehearse the National Anthem and we will have the kids who MC to start preparing for the challenge! All the acts that are not ready will be cut.

Mandatory Rehearsals.  EVERYBODY comes, runs their act, take notes, we review the Opening act and we learn the finale.  We’ll try to run everything as we would on the actual show. From the rehearsal ONE we are taking notes for Talent Show placement.

Optional Rehearsals.  Basically same EVERYBODY comes, runs their act, and take notes but  I'll make sure you are using the best of you, best moves and vocals, as well as stage presence.   Think this  as a time we need to polish even more. ONE ON ONE rehearsal is your last stop, but you have to know your act by this time.  

RULES of  participation, conduct and Rehearsal!! (Theatre Etiquette)

  • No you cannot participate double acts. You have to choose! No more than One minute thirty seconds.  Maybe for some acting we will be checking time. Set up don't count.  Rehearsals attire: comfy sporty flexible clothing for warm up! Water and snacks for brakes. You have to come ready to learn, and ready to cheer your peers. Respect at all times.
  • Attend all rehearsals & Tardiness is not permitted...
  • No cell phones & no gum ...
  •  Do not eat or drink while in costume.
  • Cheer for other acts!

OK SO HOW CAN WE INSPIRE OUR KIDS? Boy’s versus girls inspiration!? Yes! Is different so we have to give them ideas...  I noticed much less participation from boys last year so HOW CAN WE INSPIRE BOYS?  I know we will have plenty of girls!  So let's go over some performance ideas.  Boy Dancers Group, Boy Band, Solo Singer, Musicians, Gymnastics, Science tricks, Star Wars Light show, Futball Soccer Tricks?  Skate board routines? Karate Katas, Magic, Magic Cards, Some production ideas? MCee's!  For girls we have the Aerial, Dance Groups, Solo Singers, Musicians, Hula, Magic, Girl Group, Fashion Shows, MCee's, Gymnastics... oh boy and for everyone? Musician solos or mixed groups, songwriting, ventriloquism, gymnastics, comedy, acting, parent-kid act... probably missing much more,  what about some mixed dance groups too? WOW Jefferson has amazing Talent (I was blown out when I saw the talent from last year!) So let's inspire them to shine that creativity!


*We will be using ALL the services offered by the auditorium in full length! That means that we will  use the entire stage, lighting, screens and whatever they offer to beautify our JGT! So if the act involves production, let us know. Lot's of work to be done, let's do this!!!  Thank you for participating and most of all, committing!                                                                                                                                 






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See you all soon! xoxo Mey 

Your Talent Show Crew 2019!