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The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students in preschool through grade 12. The program is designed to enhance quality arts education for students by encouraging them to create works of art in the areas of visual arts, literature, photography, musical composition, dance choreography, and film production.  More than 500,000 students nationwide participate through their local PTA’s each year.


2016-2017 Winners!

There were over 60 entries for the 2016 Jefferson PTA Reflections Art Show. The theme was "What Is Your Story?"  Thank you to all the participants and to all the people who came to enjoy their work!  Here is a list of the top entries in each category:

  • Visual Arts K-2: 1. Axle G. , 2. Ashlynne S., 3. Hailey C.
  • Visual Arts 3-4: 1. Lola D., 2. Laurel C., 3. Zoe R.
  • Photography K-2: 1. Umiko M., 2. Alexander M.
  • Photography 3-5: 1. Elle C., 2. Catherine W., 3. Kattalee S.
  • Film 3-5: 1. Madeline L., 2. Melis T., 3. Quinn O., (bonus film Caden L.)
  • Music 3-5: 1. Samantha N.
  • Dance 3-5: 1. Paige Z., 2. Natasha M.
  • Literature K-2: 1. Sarah G.
  • Literature 3-5: 1. Madeline L., 2. Ben S., 3. Kylie S.O.

Links above go to their entries! Visual Arts and Photographs are below...Enjoy!

- Buffy (Reflections Chair -

2016-2017 Visual Arts and Photograph Winners!

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