Jefferson Elementary
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2018-2019 YEAR

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Kids – Participate in helping raise money for Jefferson Elementary. Look at our Goal rewards!


Important Dates

          October 10th - Town Hall - Jog-a-thon Kick-off

          October 12th - Kick-off in Classrooms

          October 19th - Sponsorships (Families and Business) Due

                                   Extra T-shirts for the family orders Due

          October 19th - Cheer Sign order Due

          November 1st - Jog-a-thon T-shirts distributed to students

          November 2nd - Jog-a-thon Day!!!

Jog-a-thon Pledge Donation
Thank you for your support!

Jefferson Elementary's annual JOG-A-THON is our largest fundraising event for the school year.  Our 2018 goal is to raise $50,000 to fund programs and events such as art, field trips and assemblies that are paid for by your PTA.  With a student enrollment of about 650 students we can reach our goal if we raise $85 per student.

Jefferson Elementary School students run (or jog, walk, skip, etc. – the idea is to have fun!) laps around the school track during a 30-minute time period to raise money that goes directly to fund the kids’ school experiences through PTA sponsored enrichment programs, including  art instruction,  field trips, assemblies and many more.  It is a fun event that encourages fitness and builds classroom and school spirit. Plus, as an added bonus, kids get running club credit for all of their laps!

During the weeks preceding the Jog-a-thon, each student obtains pledges and donations in support of his/her Jog-a-thon efforts.  Prior to the day of the run, students return their pledge money to the school in the envelope provided. 

Absolutely!  There are lots of opportunities to help out with this event, before, during, and after!  Please contact CINDY MOON to volunteer at

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Jog-a-thon Pledge Donation

Thank you for your support!